SIP Trunking & Cloud-based Solutions


SIP Trunking

RINOS-IP’s SIP Trunks grants your business unmatched flexibility with the ability to place and receive calls from multiple different clients or handsets. Being able to communicate both internally and externally has never been easier.

SMS Integration

RINOS- IP offers integration of two-way texting through various platforms so you can manage your customer inquiries, scheduling, and important updates, all from your office number.


RINOS-IP offers a variety of comprehensive, flexible, and affordable cybersecurity solutions to keep your phones and networks secure. Make an appointment today to discuss the right solutions for your business.


RINOS- IP specializes in delivering voice packets over your data network while prioritizing quality-of-service (QoS).

  • Cloud Servers
  • Hosted Phone Service
  • Hardware
    • Telephones
    • ATA Devices
    • ETC.

Telecom Support Programs

We work with local vendors to create custom support programs for hardware and supervision of your subscription’s service quality & reliability.

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